Tutoring Program

noname-3Our Skill-Building Tutoring Program uses the same research-based methodologies used in our other academic programs. Working in a 1:1 setting, every tutor develops an individualized program designed to build the skills necessary for each student’s academic success.

May Center tutoring is available for all students, regardless of the school they attend.

We offer tutoring in academic subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics for students ages four through high school.

We also offer tutoring in three special subjects:

Reading and Writing Readiness, which improves reading and spelling skills in young students who have language-based learning differences. Most students in this program are from four to six years old.

Executive Function Skills. which include flexible thinking, goal-setting, planning, organization, time management, task prioritization, and communication skills. Tutoring of this type is appropriate for ages seven and up.

Skill-building Tutoring, led by certified instructors, offers multi-sensory language therapy, as well as instruction in writing and mathematics, for students diagnosed with dyslexia.

In order for our tutoring to be effective, we require a minimum commitment to 24 one-hour sessions, usually scheduled two or three times per week.

The fee for tutoring is $65 per hour.

For more information, call 505-983-7407. For a Tutoring Program application, click here.



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