About May School

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We like to think of the school as “The Learning Difference,” a place that makes an enormous difference in the lives of students who learn in different ways. In fact, differences abound here. Our student/teacher ratio of 6:1 is part of the reason for our success. We utilize research-based teaching methodologies and develop a highly individualized curriculum for each of our students. The curriculum also differs from that in most schools—in addition to standard academic subjects, we teach critical “life skills,” such as planning and organization, project initiation and completion, and self-regulation.

The May School community also fosters empowerment and self-advocacy. When you ask our children and their parents about the school environment, they often speak about being seen and being heard. We strive to see each of our students as deeply and meaningfully as possible. It is this relationship that leads to the transformational experience that parents feel when they say, “You gave us back our child.”

As a parent of two May School children, I experience “The Learning Difference” every day. I invite you to visit our school so that you can as well. Please call us at 505-983-7407 to schedule your day and time.

As a parent, you are your child’s first and best advocate. I understanding how challenging this role can be. I look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Amy Miller, Executive Director





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