Evaluation Center

May Evaluation Center

May Evaluation Center conducts psychoeducational evaluations for clients ages 5 to 16. Clients are evaluated to create a learning profile that recommends the most appropriate types of instruction, intervention, and settings for student success.

May Evaluation Center diagnosticians are licensed in the state of New Mexico and our reports may be used in all private and public school settings, as well as for standardized testing to qualify students for 504 plans, IEPs, and other services and accommodations.

A psychoeducational evaluation assesses learning strengths and weaknesses, and may include measures of cognitive ability, attention, auditory and visual processing, oral and written language ability, memory, executive functioning, visual-spatial ability, and academic skills. Specific tests are identified by our diagnosticians, based on each individual client’s situation.

The evaluation process consists of two days of testing, plus a review of the client’s history, interviews with parents, teachers, and clients, scoring and interpretation of the test results, a one- to two-hour conference with the client’s parents or guardians, and a detailed written report with diagnoses and recommendations specific to the client’s needs.

The fee for a complete psychoeducational evaluation and report, as described above, is $1,600. Additional services, such as meeting with school administrators or teachers to discuss a client’s report and suggested accommodations, are available at a $65 hourly fee.

To find out more about the Evaluation Center or to schedule an appointment, call 983-7407 or email Director of Assessment Heidi Schmidt, heidi@maycenter.org


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