2017-18 Tuition & Financial Aid

New Student Fees

Application Fee                                       $50

Admissions Assessments:

Kindergarten and First Grade            $250

Second Grade and Up                          $350


Early Childhood (Ages 3-5)           $13,900

Elementary (K-Grade 4)                $20,200

Middle School (Grades 5-8)          $21,100

Financial Aid

May School devotes nearly $200,000 to need-based financial aid. Aid amounts range from 10% to 75% of tuition. In 2016-17, more than 40% of students received financial aid.

Financial Aid Procedure

  1. Go to sss.nais.org to submit your Parent Financial Statement (PFS) online.
  1. On the PFS, indicate that May Center for Learning should receive your family’s information, such as annual income and expense, assets, and investments.

3. By Monday, February 27, 2017, complete the PFS online AND give a photocopy of your        2016 federal tax return to May Center for Learning.

  1. May Center will receive an analysis of your family’s financial ability to contribute to your child’s educational expenses. This information will be used to determine how much financial aid your family may qualify for.
  1. You will receive a notification of your financial aid status by March 15, 2017.




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