The May Center for Learning

A Message from Amy


Dear May Center Friend, 

This fall, May Center c0-hosted a conference with SWIDA for students and parents called “Dyslexia is My Superpower”. At the event, adult mentors described how their learning differences ultimately led to their successes in life. Vanessa Robinson, one of the few female NASCAR drivers, explained that she struggled with reading and spelling, but she was winning car races when she was thirteen years old. New Mexico Montessori Teacher of the Year Daisy Guranich said she became a teacher to make sure that smart kids like her get the understanding that she never had in school. Every one of them sent us the same message: What makes you different is your superpower. Be proud of who you are.

May Center for Learning empowers students to be successful, confident learners who recognize the importance of communication, collaboration, and community. We help our students recognize their strengths and use them to create the community they want to see. We cultivate pride in who they are and in who they can become. We understand that what makes you different, makes you YOU. Every day is an opportunity to grow into your best self. This is the work of individualized, whole body and mind education.

Our vision is to access and impact every child with learning differences not only at May Center, but in the greater Santa Fe community. All of the research demonstrates that the earlier students receive support, the better their life outcomes. This past year particularly, we have dramatically widened our reach with younger children, thanks in large part to the great success of our Charidy campaign. Some of the highlights from our work this year include:

  • With support from the City of Santa Fe, we’ve partnered with Reading Quest to launch an after-school reading program at Sweeney Elementary serving second and third graders who are significantly behind in their reading skills. We hope this model will serve as a pilot for future implementation of high quality supplementary reading instruction.

  • With support from Santa Fe County, we continue to partner with Communities in Schools to provide evidence-based literacy tutoring to small groups of students in second and seventh and eighth graders at Aspen Community School.

  • Through a partnership with Santa Fe Public Schools, we’re teaching a comprehensive Structured Literacy course for almost 40 interventionists from elementary schools across the district to empower these educators to improve the quality of reading instruction for kindergarten through third graders in Santa Fe.

  • Through May Evaluation Center, we provide comprehensive educational evaluations that diagnose learning differences like dyslexia for schools and individual families.

  • Through community partnerships, we bring our expertise in the field of learning differences to other local schools including Santa Fe Waldorf School and The Master’s Program, providing oversight of accommodations, teacher coaching, one-on-one tutoring, and evaluations.

I invite you to learn more about May Center’s superpowers. Perhaps you even have a strength to share with our students. Like our conference mentors, you have the power shape someone’s future. Because that’s what mentors do. They share their own experience so that we might see some reflection of ourselves in them. They show us the path they made so that we may build our own.

Thank you for supporting the next generation of Santa Fe’s Superheroes. I promise you, they are going to be great.

With pride and deep gratitude,

Amy Miller
Executive Director