The May Center for Learning

Calling All Superheroes


The success of our 24-hour fundraising event relies on maximizing our reach!

Here are some things you can do to help May center raise $150,ooo!


We are excited to be launching a 24-hour fundraising campaign through the fundraising platform Charidy. On Tuesday, May 7th from 3 pm through Wednesday, May 8th at 3 pm, every dollar that we raise will be matched by our generous donors. This means that if you give $10 dollars, May Center receives $30 dollars!

The success of this fundraising event relies on maximizing our reach through social media, personal emails and phone calls—here are some things you can do to help our social media campaign:


  1. If you haven't already followed May Center for Learning on Facebook, please do so—this ensures you'll see all of our posts. To follow May Center on Facebook, please click here >>

  2. Once you follow us, please share our posts with your Facebook friends. When you share, please add a personal note or a testimonial about your experience with May Center—you can share as much as you feel comfortable or simply write something like:

    "I'm proud to send my child to May Center! Please give now to support our scholarships and community programs!"

    "My family loves May Center! Please help us reach more kids with learning differences in Santa Fe."

    "In just one semester, students involved in May Center's community outreach literacy programs gained on average 1.5 grade levels in their reading fluency."

    "The May Center for children with learning differences has been afforded a wonderful opportunity to expand our outreach into the Santa Fe community public schools as part of our mission to serve exceptional students from preschool through eighth grade specializing in those with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and language processing disorders. In order to do this, we are raising $100K in 24 hours beginning on May 8th. Three generous donors have stepped-up to match every dollar donated—I think you know how much this cause means to me and sincerely appreciate any help you might give us."

    For maximum impact, you can even create and share a video featuring you and your kiddo(s) encouraging your Facebook friends to support May Center!

  3. Please "love" or "like" all of our Facebook posts. Research shows it's better to "love" aka "heart" a post rather than "like" aka "give a thumbs-up"—loved/hearted posts tend to get better reach on Facebook.  

  4. When you share a campaign post, please use the hashtag: #letsgoaboveandbeyond and #maycentersuperheroes

  5. The more shares, likes, and tags, the more likely that our campaign posts appear in more people's feeds.

  6. Finally, please ask your friends, family and connections to donate to our campaign. A short email can help bring in hundred of dollars. You can direct them to this link on our website, where they can donate directly—or you can send them to May Center's Charidy page.

    Thank you so much!