The May Center for Learning


48 Hour Countdown to Our $100K Fundraising Day!

When you work with children with learning differences, you see a team of people behind them, going above & beyond the call of duty—it is this collaboration that ensures a foundation for a bright, promising future. With your help, we have been able to provide almost $200,000 in financial aid for May Center students and expand our public school outreach programs in this past year alone—together, we’re going above & beyond.

On May 8th (in exactly 48 hours!), May Center is partnering with Charidy, an online crowdfunding platform, to raise $100K. For just ONE day, your gift will be quadrupled by three generous donors!

  • Your funds will help build May School’s tuition assistance program, allowing more students to attend May School and our supplementary programs.  
  • Your donation will support our public school outreach—allowing more public school teachers to have access to May Center’s training programs and providing small group literacy instruction by certified May Center teachers in the public schools.  
  • Your money will help us go above & beyond for the children of Santa Fe.

May Center is the only organization in the state of New Mexico specializing in teaching students with learning differences such as dyslexia and ADHD—we recognize that early identification and intervention are key to turning the curve and changing outcomes. Today, only 24% of Santa Fe’s third graders read at proficient levels, and many of these students have a language-based learning difference—with your help, we have the opportunity to go above & beyond for a better future for these students and for our community.

Please join us on May 8!

Rebecca Anderson