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Our children began receiving services in September 2012. May Center has been instrumental in their success and resilience. Both kids have overcome multiple learning differences and developmental challenges, are happy, and are thriving with positive, intact self-esteem largely to the interventional education, guidance, influence, and patience of the dedicated staff. In addition to interventional education, May Center provided extensive socioemotional support to their students and families. Our children learned to leverage their strengths, effective coping skills to manage ADHD and anxiety, and the courage to think outside of the box optimizing their ability to learn.

Our son successfully transitioned to Santa Fe Prep this Fall, loves school, and is thriving. He is active in the school community, is reportedly considered a leader by his teachers and peers, and has been identified as a gifted writer and insightful reader.

Likewise, our daughter, a current student at the May Center, is also flourishing. She recently qualified for the 2019 AAU Nationals and Junior Olympics in martial arts.

We will forever be grateful for the May Center for instilling the importance of believing in oneself, being mindful and respectful of others, accepting and embracing differences, and a life-long love of learning that will carry our children their futures.

-Parent of a current May Center student and a May Center graduate

I was scared to death when I found out I was pregnant with Francisco...when I went into preterm labor and spent 16 weeks on bed rest...when he was born with a cord wrapped around his neck and blue...when his critically high jaundice levels landed him in a pediatric ICU for a week...the moment I was alone at home with him for the first time trying to figure out how to become a mom...when he couldn’t recite his alphabet with the other kids in preschool...when I knew something wasn’t “right”...when his kindergarten teacher said we should hold him back...when he started falling behind in first grade, second grade, third grade...when I knew still knew something wasn’t “right” and everyone said I was over reacting...when he was finally tested for a learning difference...when we found out he was profoundly dyslexic...when he lost his beautiful light...when he talked about being stupid and he hit himself in the face repeatedly...when he’d talk about bullies and not having friends...when he’d cry everyday about school...when a special ed teacher in the public schools told him if he didn’t learn to read he’d go to prison and be a burden to society and to us...and then I was angry as hell as I had 31 meetings and phone calls to public school officials who saw no issue with a broken system...then scared to death again when we decided to send him to the May Center...when I went to work full time to help cover his tuition...when it set in that he faced major challenges...and then slowly the fear and anger was replaced...with a school that saved educators that parents that a child who smiled seeing actual progress...and then I was overjoyed ...the day he read for the first time, the day he said he loved school, the day he said I’m dyslexic and that’s ok.

Today something beautiful happen, every emotion surrounding Francisco cumulated as I watched my 11 year old son...the boy who has taught me patience, love, compassion, perseverance, who has amazed me with his heart, his brilliance and his deep understanding of the world stand up in front of the NM Senate Public Affairs Committee and deliver a speech he wrote about the importance of early dyslexia screening in public schools, petitioning for the passing of a State Bill...he was eloquent and passionate and calm. Every fear subsided (for now) and I recognized that the entire journey led us here. He couldn’t write his name two years ago, today he delivered a speech he wrote.

I never knew love until him and I never knew true gut wrenching fear until anything threatened’s called parenthood, it’s not unique to us. Being the mother of a child with a severe learning difference comes with its own set of challenges...most of which I never speak of. I just keep pushing, fighting, worrying, loving, celebrating, trying and praying...

Parent of a current May Center student

From our son’s first contact with the May Center for Learning as a tutoring student, to his 2 1/2 years in the classroom, we have experienced nothing but support and wisdom from everyone at May Center. Our son is seen as a whole person, not just as a dyslexic, and his teachers address his gifts as well as his challenges. As a result, he has leapt forward in confidence and mastery of skills, and most importantly, he has never lost his love of learning. May Center's researched-based approach has meant that our son got the highest quality and most effective interventions and teaching and he is well prepared for life-long learning at every level.

Parent of a current May Center student

Rebecca Anderson