The May Center for Learning

Week of September 23

Week of September 23, 2019


May School staff members support students in developing the following success attributes: Literacy, Empowerment, Advocacy and Principles. These attributes are a focus throughout each student’s day in all academic and social experiences. Below is our culture contract, a living document that we discuss with our students regularly.

At May Center, we affirm the following cultural beliefs:


I am an active participant in my education and in my life. I am developing the communication skills of reading, writing, mathematical thinking, speaking, listening, visual communication, physical listening, mindfulness, collaboration and problem solving so that I can be successful in pursuing my goals.


I am an intelligent, unique human being. I accept myself as I am. I am in control of my own destiny; I have the power to change the things I want to change and advocate for what I need to be my best self. Developing my executive functioning skills leads to better self-regulation so that I can be successful in pursuing my goals.


I am a member of a supportive community. I will appreciate, support, and challenge those in my community. I will be a leader by taking responsibility for making my community a safe, inclusive,and meaningful place. My intentions and my actions will be trustworthy and respectful so that every person has the opportunity to successfully pursue their own goals.


Learning is a collaborative process. I recognize that collaboration is sometimes difficult, but I believe that seeing things from other people’s perspectives facilitates growth. I will be mindful of my responsibilities to myself and others in the collaborative process. I recognize that there are “no passengers here--only crew.” I commit to collaborating with all members of May School’s community so that we can achieve our collective goals.

Students collaborating and creating in Makerspace

Students collaborating and creating in Makerspace

Students explaining math concepts to one another using Montessori materials

Students explaining math concepts to one another using Montessori materials

Visiting Senator and Educators

This week we welcomed a team of visiting educators from Las Cruces Public Schools, who spent two days observing classes and learning about best practices for reading intervention.  We are so inspired by their commitment to ensuring that every student in Las Cruces has a strong foundation for reading. Senator Mimi Stewart joined us at May Center on Thursday to visit classes and share her passion for effective reading instruction.  Thank you to Las Cruces Public Schools and to Senator Stewart for being leaders for literacy in New Mexico!  



Join us on Wednesday, October 9th at 6pm in the Intermediate wing for our first Community seminar of the year. This event is open to the public, we welcome you to invite your friends!

What is a learning difference and how does it present for children in the home and at school? This overview of learning differences explains the cognitive differences in children who learn differently, identifies characteristics of learning differences, and discussing best practices that work for children with learning differences. A powerful opportunity to participate in a simulation of learning differences is included. Presented by Amy Miller, Executive Director and Amy Stanton, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.


On Saturday, October 19th the Southwest Branch of the International Dyslexia Association and May Center are hosting a student and parent conference in Albuquerque. Students ages 8-18 will be able to connect with peers from around the state, get to know adult mentors. learn about how they learn best and participate in a Maker’s Challenge. Parents will be able to connect with other parents, participate in a dyslexia simulation, learn about the latest brain research on dyslexia and SB 398, and much more. Register today!


The countdown has begun to the 5th and 6th grade camping trip! Students leave at 3pm on Thursday, September 25th. Questions? Contact Bret Luboyeski,