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Week of September 30

Week of September 30

Important reminders


Picture day is Tuesday, October 1st. You can order online or bring in your order form on or before Tuesday.


Just a reminder that we do not have school on Friday, October 4th. Teachers will be working to prepare lessons and materials for your children on this day.


We love to celebrate birthdays! We welcome healthy treats with gluten and dairy free options. Please leave cake, cupcakes, other sugary treats at home. This ensures that all students can participate in the celebrations.

A visit from down under

This week we were fortunate to have twelve educators from Australia spend Wednesday morning in our classrooms. They were visiting as part of the Center for Relational Learning’s annual educator exchange program. They had a particular interest in the social emotional and executive functioning pieces of our curriculum. They had wonderful things to say about their experiences in our classrooms. Many visitors mentioned how bright and articulate our students were and that our environment was calm, consistent and authentic. I’m so proud of May Center students and teachers!

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We are excited to partner with Resolve this school year.  Resolve will be working with students beginning  October 1st in Ellen and Jamie’s classes as well as all Intermediate students. Resolve works with individuals to empower them to create healthy relationships and prevent violence.  Our students will participate in 8 - one hour sessions that have been tailored to the needs of our students, taking learning differences and sensory needs into consideration. 

Permission forms went home this week and need to be returned by October 1st.  Questions? Email Bret Luboyeski,

Meet Hank zipzer

All Elementary students are reading books from the Hank Zipzer series. Hank Zipzer is smart, funny and a good friend.  He also happens to be dyslexic and have ADHD. This series is written by Henry Winkler and was inspired by his own strengths and challenges as a child.  

Ms. Megan’s class has taken a particular interest in this series and are now devouring all the books in the series. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to find a series you love?  

A student enjoying reading a Hank book

A student enjoying reading a Hank book


5th and 6th grade camping

Another successful camping trip in the books!  As I reflect on all the benefits of taking on such an expedition with students I collect thoughts on all the learning moments that can only occur in such a setting.  

Here are a few learning moment highlights from the trip:

  • Students problem solving and working collaboratively to set up tents (with a little help from two generous grandparents)

  • Students recognizing when peers needed a little extra friendship to make it through the night

  • Students offering one another extra coats and blankets….at 3 a.m!

  • A student being able to share his family’s tradition of Rosh Hashana by sharing honey sticks and apples at breakfast. 

  • Students doing “household” chores alongside friends at the campsite

  • Students teaching others to build a campfire 

The dinner crew

The dinner crew

Tent mates

Tent mates

A chaperone with a smile on his face in the morning…always a good sign

A chaperone with a smile on his face in the morning…always a good sign